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Join us in building the social mycelium to shift the paradigm

of how people interface with the land.

Vermont Healthy Soils Coalition



The Vermont Healthy Soils Coalition, formed in March 2017, are mostly Vermonters, representing grassroots activists and enthusiasts, organizations and businesses that work with or for the land and water. We are land managers, farmers, gardeners, seed savers, citizen scientists, conservationists, authors, consultants, educators, healers, organizers, advocates …

Our interest is in shifting the paradigm of how people interface with the land. We operate under the premise that we can restore land water cycles by covering Vermont's bare soil; nurturing photosynthesis, biodiversity and the biology underground. This is not just about farmland. We imagine that many collaborative statewide possibilities would come out of this coalition that will positively affect our backyards and our public lands.

If the Vermont Healthy Soils Coalition interests you, please become a member by taking
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After you take the survey you will receive an email invite to join the VHSC email listserv, an active place where we discuss all things soil, water, microbes, and compost. As our Coalition progresses you will be invited to participate at what ever level you are comfortable with.


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For more information contact us by email:

or by mail at:

Vermont Healthy Soils Coalition

PO Box 120

South Strafford, VT 05070

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