Over 350 people attended the Soil Series in Winter/Spring 2019!


Read the notes and watch the videos of

the SOIL SERIES EVENTS that took place in Randolph, Vermont:

Part 1 Ground to Body Soil Health and Human Health: VIDEO, NOTES/RESOURCES

Part 2 Shielding Soil with Plants & Animals: VIDEO, NOTES/RESOURCES

Part 3 Connection Through Stories: VIDEO, NOTES/RESOURCES

Part 4 Building the Soil From the Ground Up: VIDEO, NOTES/RESOURCES

Part 5 Social Mycelium: the Fiber of Community Resilience VIDEO, NOTES/RESOURCES

Part 6 A Soil Sponge to Cool the Planet VIDEO, NOTES/RESOURCES 

Outcomes from the Soil Series include a range of similar Soil Series' popping up all over Vermont; strong connections made between citizens and between organiztions resulting in stronger communities and increased collaborative action on the ground deepening roots, shrinking lawns, building the soil sponge, and planting trees; and a batch of new citizen leaders all over the state!

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