2019 SOIL SERIES: Grassroots for the Climate Emergency

A collaboration between VHSC and BALE

Watch the videos and read the notes:

Part 1 Ground to Body Soil Health and Human Health: VIDEO, NOTES/RESOURCES

Part 2 Shielding Soil with Plants & Animals: VIDEO, NOTES/RESOURCES

Part 3 Connection Through Stories: VIDEO, NOTES/RESOURCES

Part 4 Building the Soil From the Ground Up: VIDEO, NOTES/RESOURCES

Part 5 Social Mycelium: the Fiber of Community Resilience VIDEO, NOTES/RESOURCES

Part 6 A Soil Sponge to Cool the Planet VIDEO, NOTES/RESOURCES 



Why We Can't Separate Social Justice in the Food System

Rafter Ferguson, Scientist, Food and Environment. 2019.

Investing From the Ground Up
by Didi Pershouse. Clean Yield Assets. 2018.

The Agriculture of Hope: Climate Farmers of North America
by Seth Itzkan, Karl Thidemann, and Steve Keleti. Permaculture Magazine. 2017.

A Global Action Plan of Climate Recovery
by Jan Lambert and Michal Kravcik. Terra Nova Voice. 2015.

Lake Remediation Starts with Soil Restoration
by Jack Lazor, Butterworks Farm, Westfield VT. VT Digger. 2014.

SOS: Save Our Soils
Acres USA interview with Dr, Christine Jones. 2015.

Compost & The Promise of Microbes
Scientist David C. Johnson Explores Microbial Communities, Carbon Sequestration and Compost. Ecofarming Daily. Acres USA. 2018.

Regenerate Earth 

The practical drawdown of 20 billion tonnes of carbon back into soils annually, to rehydrate bio-systems and safely cool climates. By Walter Jehne, soil microbiologist, Healthy Soils Australia.



Soil Carbon Coalition monitoring materials can be found in their most recent form as free downloads on the Soil Carbon Coalition website: https://soilcarboncoalition.org/pages/learn/.Visual Soils Assessment


Guide from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) 583 pages. Download the full guide.



A short list of people to learn from. (Alphabetical order)

Ray Archuletta
• Soil Health Principles (24 minutes video
• “Soil Mindset" (3 minutes video

Anne Biklé
• Microbial Roots of Life and Health

Gabe Brown
• On Increasing Soil Organic Matter and Water Infiltration (2 minute video)
• Keys To Building a Healthy Soil (1 hour video) 

Peter Donovan
Co-founder of the Soil Carbon Coalition. Peter creates very useful maps among other things! His Butterworks Farm Land Listeners blog post includes a link to the Atlas of Biological Work showing water infiltration data collected at Butterworks Farm in Sept 2018 and a link to the first draft of a map showing 4-year averaging of length of green season in the Champlain Valley basin.

Elaine Ingham
• Soil Food Web Compost and Compost Tea (38 minutes)
• Secrets to Soil Fertility Exposed (24 minutes)
• Importance of Holistically Managed Grazing Livestock (9 minutes)

Walter Jehne

An Australian soil microbiologist with decades of experience teaching and advising governments, farmers, students and communities. Walter is the director of Healthy Soils Australia, and is also part of NGOs including Global Cooling Earth and Regenerate Earth.

• Interview with Walter Jehne on Julien Delorenzo's Tangled Podcast March, 2019 
Restoring Water Cycles by Restoring the Soil Carbon Sponge (seminar in Fairlee VT, 2016)
• Part 1 Restoring Water Cycles to Naturally Cool Climates and Reverse Global Warming (2 hrs, 15 minutes)
• Part 2 Regenerating the Soil Carbon Sponge (2 hrs 15 minutes)

David Johnson
Managing Soils for Soil Carbon Sequestration: Engineering Microbiology. More detailed slides are here.

Christine Jones
Australia: Building soil and capturing carbon (Five, 6-10 minutes videos).

David Montgomery
The Hidden Half of Nature: Microbial Roots of Life & Health. (1 hour 20 min)

Didi Pershouse
• The Ecology of Care: Shifting from a Sterile to a Fertile Paradigm. (24 minutes)
• Didi is author of the book, "The Ecology of Care" and "Understanding Soil Health and Watershed Function: A Teacher's Manual". She offers online courses and great resources on her website.

Allan Savory
Hope for Reversing Desertification and Climate Change - What You Can Do at Stonewall Farm, Keene NH, September 2018.

Colon Seis
Pasture Cropping - Profitable Regenerative Agriculture.

Judith Schwartz
Author of several articles and books including "Cows Save the Planet" and "Water in Plain Site".



Soil Carbon Coalition http://soilcarboncoalition.org/
• The Atlasbiowork open source database shows evidence based landscape changes over time.
• Maps showing crop insurance indemnity payments in the US can be found here.. (Check out this map showing the places that have received payments for both flooding and drought on the same land in the same year (2014).
• Maps showing longevity of green season can be found here.
• Download a free teaching manual by Didi Pershouse, Understanding Landscape and Watershed Function.

Soil 4 Climate https://soil4climate.org/resources/

Vermont State: GSI Green Stormwater Infrastructure http://dec.vermont.gov/watershed/cwi/green-infrastructure/gsi

Voices of Water for Climate http://vow4climate.org
Research paper: Water for the Recovery of the Climate: A New Water Paradigm

Biodiversity For A Livable Climate https://bio4climate.org/resources/


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